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admiral john banoff in 89 after the earthquake. he was still with the navy. helped us tremendously with a aircraft carrier and the work in recovery, and in 1992 mayor jordan sought to seek his leadership and have him head up what is today our dem but at that time it was the office of emergency services so for five years i got to work with admiral bit off and lead the effort at oes but at the time that we really required some strong leadership because it was shortly after the 101 california shootings that we realized very clearly different agencies within the city had to speak more deliberately with each other, had to have systems and communications and culture built around much more collaboration, particularly with communication. well, that spawned this particular building, and its housing of not only the emergency management, but its physical location of our 911 emergency dispatch system which is right upstairs, and that was started on and under the leadership of admiral bit dlf off. it was concluded very well. he then went on to what i say was parallel to me because i thought
and ammuntion ship opened by the united states navy and she is our second ship to come in since we have established our shore porn system at peer 70 and the whole reason that she has been able to come here to strainings is it's ability to hook up to the shore power system which, is a critical factor for the navy and so this contract is between 13 and $15 million depending on how much work the neath please wantses to do and it will generate 70 man hours in the 53 days that it's here and so it's very exciting news for us. the usns richard bird and matthew pairy which was tices the previous ship that came in equals $150,000 and 150 man hours and so what a great investment and thanks to all of the port team and various regulating agencies that helped us to do had a and of course, our thanks to the va that is terrific news. in january, our good friend charles fan owner of slanted door is going to open a new restaurant restaurant at peer three going to be called hard water and after the hard water making whiskey and so hard water is going to be new orleans inspired and inspired in bourbon an
. it features three photos of the islands. one shows the navy staging a drill in nearby waters. the report says the military has a strong willingness to defend the islands and has prepared a deterrent strategy. as in past reports, this latest white paper also uses the phrase enmany toy define north korea. it notes the reclusive nation has honed missile technology through several tests and cites analysis of imaged and scientists in the north are enriching uranium. at a new facility. >>> the defense and foreign policy files are just two in a stack that will be on park's desk when she takes over as president. many south koreans want her to rein in the country's conglomerates. these big business blocks have helped fuel the economy but they've also been suffocating small and medium sized companies. our reporter has the story. rpt this man loves serving up bread and other goods to customers who visit his small bakery. he says his products are tasty and affordable. but the business he bought a year ago is facing an uncertain future. >> translator: we are all in a life or death situation. >> reporter:
the coast. you have a better one now, and could you reach that little book on top? yeah. and in my navy training -- when you get in an airplane you don't get in and the key in. you put this on your lap and do all the check offs. well, having been a chief executive i know their lips get tired when they read more than one page. sorry, but you know, but anyway i put this book together, and i mainly for the mayor and his primary assistants, so when bad stuff happened in the middle of the night you could pull this off of your bureau and go to the first three or four things that you have to do in order to save lives and property, and i understand this has a grandfather. okay, which is great. so thank you very, very much. it was a labor of love. i like doing things. i like doing things when people tell me i can't do them, and i like working with people who are different and boy did i ever get a load of that here, and it was wonderful, so thank you mr. mayor. you're very kind. thank you all, and i wish you well, and again go giants. [applause] >> thank you so very much admiral for your
, but evidently it was an irish conscript in the irish navy that came to puerto rico.
him and throw his body into the ocean. civilized countries don't do that sort of thing. the navy seals were under orders to fight their way out if there was a problem but if they had had to fight their way out, they would have had air cover and probably intervention. we could have been at war with pakistan. pakistan is a professional army, dedicated to protecting the sovereignty of the state and very dedicated to it. they would not take this lightly. a war with pakistan would be an utter disaster. it is a huge nuclear facility laced with radical islamic elements. but they did it anyway. and right after it, when pakistan was totally outraged, carry on drone attacks in pakistan. it is kind of astonishing. >> professor noam chomsky, commenting on the assassination of osama bin laden. >> what is interesting about whole mission, that it was a unilateral mission, so it was done without pakistan's knowledge or consent, is that the obama administration felt it was unnecessary to the pakistani is from ed. there are legitimate concerns about pakistan's relationship about militant groups and have
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have fought for this country and we have brought our children back home. my grandson was in the navy. i am tired of arguing about the rich, poor, and middle-class. take the interest rate of the public debt for six days so we could see our money prosper. america, we stand in peace. god bless you. please, thank the rich because they are our investors to invest all over the world. stop fighting among each other. congress, you are a citizen, a consumer, and tax payer and you need to get on your jobs. host: thank you for the call from chicago. let me read a statement from the speaker of the house. the house will be in recess until after the holidays. the speaker meeting with his caucus and afterwards, these words. this photograph from the front page of "the new york times." brady from grand prairie, tex as. caller: i have a question. host: there is a slight delay. turn the volume down on your tv set. caller: the question i have is, obama has to quit spending money that is not necessary. host: to live for the call. we will go to billy. -- thank you for the call. caller: i have a couple of qu
to andrews air force base. that brought home the impact of our nation's loss. glenn was a former navy seal, also, from my home state, and i talked a couple times with his family. woods was a former seal, shawn smith, and air force veteran, all people for whom service to country was their life so today we, again, say thank you to all of them, to the fallen and the families. they all gave to our nation and we're grateful beyond words for their service and their sack -- sacrifice. from the very beginning of the benghazi events, every member of this committee has shared with the president and secretary clinton our determination to get all the facts about what happened and why in benghazi. we submitted many questions to the state department to be incorporated into this investigation, and we're very pleased that they have been. we've had a number of classified briefings for our members, and yesterday, the committee heard from ambassador tom pickerring and admiral mike mulling, -- mullen. they were frank, and they are two of america's most distinguished and capable public servants. ambassador pic
. glen daugherty was a former navy seal. -- glenn doherty was a former navy seal. tyrone woods was another seal. sean smith, an air force veteran. we want to say thank you to all of them, to the fallen, and their families. they all gave it to the nation, and we are grateful beyond words for their service and sacrifice. from the very beginning of the benghazi event, every member of this committee has shared with the president and secretary clinton our determination to get all the facts about what happened and why. resubmitted many questions to the state department to be incorporated into this investigation, and we are very pleased that they have been. we -- we have had a number of classified briefings, and yesterday, the committee heard from an pastor john pickering and admiral mike mullen. we heard them deliver a frank and comprehensive set of findings to the review board. admiral mollen and an pastor pickering are two of american's most distinguished and capable public servant -- servants. -- admiraland mulle -- admiral mullen and ambassador pickering article of americans most
like a fighter jet for the summary for the navy, that is on the table as well. >> military construction is the money the military spends to build bases and various other facilities. >> is that big money? >> it can be big money. those dollars are also on the table. >> what is not on the table? >> military retirement, the tensions that go to military men and women, the disability payments and things like that are not on the table. everything else in the budget is pretty much on the table. they can't close bases because of a law. the law says that they can't close the base, but they can downsize. it will require similar to what we had in the past, realignment. >> the last bullet point we're showing viewers, funding for the war in afghanistan is not on the table. >> it technically is, but the pentagon said they would move money if they had to. we will get everything we need. >> who makes the decision about what gets cut? >> it will probably give some and german -- interpretation. it might mean different things in different areas. in procurement, it will probably mean every weapons system eq
officer: without objection. mr. sessions: mr. president, i rise today to honor navy commander jeffrey a. bennett ii. commander bennett has served as a military fellow in my office since december of last year. he brought to public service the same passion and honor he's brought to military service. commander bennett is a 1992 naval academy graduate and was nominated for the academy by the chairman of the armed services committee several years ago, carl levin. he came to my office after a tour serving as captain of the u.s.s. stockdale, an arleigh burke class guided missile destroyer. i know he was an excellent captain, indeed. i personally observed commander bennett's abilities. i am very impressed. he has a good strategic grasp of america's challenges while also mastering the details necessary to fully grasp military, budget and financial issues, among other issues that we deal with. his command of the defense authorization and appropriation legislation from both the house of representatives and the senate has been exceptional. he consistently puts in late nights and long weekends study
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)